About Us


Welcome. Let us tell you about this site and about us. This site is the culmination of a dream. Once upon a time, two people met and decided they could work together. The result is the site you see in front of you. We met at university and instantly clicked. For years, we talked about this project until one day we decided it was time to act. One of us is Scottish while the other is Welsh. Most professionals play online games and make extra cash online. Our motivation in creating this website is share our love of the game of Bingo with others. We hope to help everyone discover how delightful it is to play bingo. We know that we can offer everyone who comes here something exciting that will keep them amused for hours.

When We Met 

Entering university can be a time of exploration and the chance to figure out who you are. For both of us, meeting as freshmen at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland was a revelation. Both of us were determined to make the most of our time in the halls of higher education. We were also determined to have as much fun outside the classroom as we could. This is where the idea of this site came up. Both of us love to play games and Online Casino Games. Games mean the opportunity to use all of your sense and your brain as well. We quickly formed a games club at university. Each week, we would welcome up to dozen people to our dorms to play many types of games. Some of us were into board games while other people were all about games that are mostly based on elements of chance. After a few weeks, the whole club idea caught on like wildfire. This is when we knew we could really find an audience once we graduated.

Evangeline McIntosh Burge

Evangeline, co-founder of nhacsan24h.net

As one of the site’s creators, Evangeline McIntosh Burge is a woman on the move who knows what she wants and how to get it. Heading for her thirties, she’s pleased to welcome new challenges in her life. Born in Glasgow, she decided to study graphic design and computer science as well as web design in her native land. Two years ago, she married her significant other in a ceremony at the height of summer. Her first child, Fiona Fleur, was born last year to her happy parents. Burge hopes to continue to see this site thrive. She is a hands-on manager who loves to explore new ideas and new forms of technology. When not working with a growing team of pleased clients, she spends her days gardening and cooking gourmet meals for her family and her numerous house guests. She wants everyone to have the time to do something they find fun in life.

Jennie Waller 

Jennie Waller is the co-creator of this site. She was born in Cardiff to a doctor and a computer programmer.

As a result, she had a firsthand look at the world of computers. It was then that she decided she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work in the computer industry.

Jennie, co-founder of nhacsan24.net

She loves how the computer industry has the power to transform people’s lives and bring them together for a common cause. Waller chose to attend college in Scotland in order to complete one of the nation’s finest degrees in the field. After majoring in computer technology and theater, she held a series of jobs. A meeting with her old friend a few months after her graduation led to this idea and then led to her co-founding of the site. In her spare time, she is devoted to raising her beloved Welsh Springer Spaniels.